Saturday, 24 March 2018

13. Closing Post

Dear Examiner,

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my blog. You will find all the relevant work for this project under the label 'AS Research and Planning' along the right hand side of the page.

This blog is now closed.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

11. Production Review: My production and my intended improvements

In order to improve the quality of my adverts I had a review with my media teachers, media technician and some people within my target audience. 

Advert 1

The overall feedback for my advert was very positive; my target audience really liked the music choice and the range of shots. They felt the wide variety of sports shown targeted different social groups and they could identify with the youthful actors. However, the target market thought that the voice over at the end was monotone in relation to the upbeat style of the rest of the advert, so I re-recorded this. 

My teachers noted that girls were over represented and there was not enough coverage of boys to fit with my unisex target market. In order to rectify this, I included more shots of boys doing sports. They also thought that my packshot did not look very professional, so I remade my mockup branded bottle and re-shot this clip using a tighter camera angle to show a close up of the product, which is more conventional for a TV advert. Finally, my technician suggested I boost the audio levels on some of the clips as well grading my footage in order to give it a more professional and finished quality.

Advert 2

My teachers raised the issue that the music I used in this edit was not copyright free, and therefore I needed to find an alternative, which I did (below). Another problem was that some of my actors were wearing branded clothing which would never been seen on real TV adverts. In order to fix this I blurred out the labels in Premiere Pro. My target market really liked this advert, particularly the intertextual reference to Usain Bolt. They said they found it humorous as well as motivating.

After changing my packshot at the end of my first advert, I changed the packshot in this advert as well so that they matched, re-enforcing my brand identity. 

New Music for Advert 2

I changed my music for my second advert so that it was copyright free in order to adhere to the regulations of my brief. This song is called Mystic River by Tomas Skyldeberg which I downloaded from epidemicsound, a website which allows users to download music and use it for free if the artist is given credit.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

10. My Planning Evidence

Script for Advert 2

Because my first advert does not contain any dialogue, I only created a script for my second advert. This was helpful when I came to shoot my advert as I could communicate exactly what I wanted my actors to say. When I came to edit my footage this gave me a clear running order and although I altered this slightly, the main structure is the same.

Cast List

I created a cast list which featured the names, head shots and roles of each of my actors across my two adverts. I also found images of the way I wanted them to be styled and dressed in my production. This was helpful for me to know exactly how my actors would look pre-production, as well as helpful for my actors as guidance on how to style themselves.


I created a storyboard on an A1 sheet of paper using post-it notes. The different colours of note correspond with different camera angles. This was very useful when filming as I knew exactly the type of shot I wanted as well as what the shot should look like. The storyboard also helped when I was editing my adverts as I could see how each clip fitted together.

Location and set design

Before shooting I did a recce of all the locations I was planning to shoot in. This enabled me to plan exactly where and how I wanted to shoot my adverts so that I was prepared on the day. This helped my production run smoothly.

Risk Assessment

My risk assessment was very important during shooting as it ensured my actors and I were safe and were aware of potential hazards. This prevented any accidents happening during production.


Brand Label

I based my brand label on existing products such as Sure and Dove. I tried to incorporate images which related to the name 'Wave', using graphic images of sound waves. I featured my slogan 'working with you' underneath the product name to relate the brand to my advert. I used a blue, white and black colour scheme as these are unisex colours.  

Pack Shot/Product

To create my product, I printed off the brand label I had created. I then stuck it to an old deodorant bottle. I will feature this at the end of my adverts in a pack shot along with a voice over and my slogan. My actors will also use the deodorant within my second advert.