Thursday, 8 March 2018

10. My Planning Evidence

Script for Advert 2

Because my second advert does not contain any dialogue, I only created a script for my second advert. This was helpful when I came to shoot my advert as I could communicate exactly what I wanted my actors to say. When I came to edit my footage this gave me a clear order and though I altered this slightly, the main structure is the same.

Cast List


I created

Risk Assessment

My risk assessment was very important during shooting as it ensured my actors and I were safe and were aware of potential hazards. This prevented any accidents happening during production.


Brand Label

I based my brand label on existing products such as Sure and Dove. I tried to incorporate images which related to the name 'Wave', using graphic images of sound waves. I featured my slogan 'working with you' underneath the product name to relate the brand to my advert. I used a blue, white and black colour scheme as these are unisex colours.  

Pack Shot

To create my pack shot I created a clipping mask of my brand label over an image of a plain deodorant bottle in Photoshop. I will feature this at the end of my adverts along with a voice over and my slogan. I also created a physical version of this design by sticking the label I created to an existing deodrant bottle, which I will feature within my adverts.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

6. What I have learnt about the ASA rules in relation to television advertising and how I intend to use this knowledge and understanding to ensure my production is appropriate to the media industry context of the set brief I have chosen

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all published media and advertising platforms. They apply the Advertising Codes, which are written by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP).

The ASA Broadcast code has over 30 points, examples include:

Advertisements should not:
- Mislead viewers with false information
- Cause serious or widespread offence or harm
- Use loudness of ads, shock tactics and photosensitive epilepsy to promote their product
- Promote lotteries, gambling, betting, alcohol or smoking – disclaimers must be included in adult advertisements, for example “Please drink responsibly” at the end of alcohol adverts
- Be seen to favour particular political issues or parties

Advertisements should:
- Be appropriate for all ages before the UK's 9pm watershed
- Have clear and reliable evidence for claims made
- Show acceptance of diversity and promote equality
- Promote safety in all vehicle adverts eg. not using vocabulary such as 'fast' on a car advert and encourage the use of safety equipment on motorbikes
- Use royalty free or original music

Example of an inappropriate advert

This advert by Marc Jacobs featuring actress Dakota Fanning was banned by the ASA in 2011 on the basis it appeared to ‘sexualise a child’, directly opposing the regulations of the ASA. Though Dakota Fanning was 17 at the time, the ASA deemed she looked under 16 in this particular photograph. In combination which her short dress and sexually-suggestive positing of the perfume bottle, the ASA believed it was 'irresponsible' and 'likely to cause serious offence'.

Example of an appropriate advert

This advert was released as part of the Dove 'Men+Care' campaign in 2015. This adheres to ASA regulations as well as promoting a positive message for men and challenging the stereotype of men having to be strong and not show emotion. It also features a range of races, personalities and ages to show equality and promote diversity.

How I will apply this research to my productions

In order for my adverts to be successful they must adhere to the regulations defined by the ASA, as well as ensuring my productions are appropriate to to the media industry context I have been provided with (Prime-time E4, weekdays between 7-9pm). For this:

1) I must make sure to not include sexual or offensive content. For this I will avoid mature themes and language, bias viewpoints, or any sexual content. 
2) I must not use copyright music. For this I will use a soundtrack which is more than 50 years old.
3) I must use my advert to educate viewers in equality and diversity. For this I will use a range of actors of different ethnicites, genders and personalities which will be expressed in each advert.
4) I must make my advert attractive to E4's demographic of youths. For this I will use young actors and intertextual references relevant to young people
5) I will not feature or promote use of drugs, alcohol or smoking
6) I will not feature or promote gambling, betting or lotteries

Friday, 19 January 2018

5. What I have learnt about the representation of events, issues, individuals and social groups in television adverts and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate meaning succesfully

Dove: 'My Beauty, My Say' campaign

This advert shows a wide range of women from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, body shapes and languages, all being strong and empowered; this represents all women as equal and beautiful in their own unique ways. It tackles issues surrounding racism, sexism and stereotypes; It shows that though we are all individuals, we are all equal as well, creating a very positive and empowering representation.

Pepsi Max advert

This advert clearly locates London by featuring of buses and accents. Due to the advanced and new technology used, this positively represents London as a place of technological advancement as well creativity and interactivity. It also equality presents a range of social groups and nationalities in the same situations at the bus stop, giving equal screen-time to different people, representing the diversity of London and equality. It is very relatable to viewers who live in London due to the familiar location.

Macmillan Cancer Support

This advert carries a strong message as well as representing the issue of cancer in a positive and optimistic light. It represents the event of cancer as a challenging time, but shows the importance of friendship and hope. It also shows diversity and equality through the different ethnicities featured.

From this research I can conclude that adverts are most successful when they incorporate positive and recognisable representations of a wide range of people, events and issues. I can feature this in my own advert by filming in recognisable London locations, featuring a wide range of actors from different social groups and backgrounds, and presenting recognisable events, such a sports.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

4. What I have learnt about the content and appeal of television adverts and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate successfully with the target audience

One of the ways of understanding the appeal of advertising is through the 'Audience Uses and Gratifications Theory' model conceived by Katz and Blumler. This concept suggests that the audience plays an active role in choosing and using the media; they seek out media which best fulfills their needs. This is based on five different aspects:

Social Interaction - The audience desires the ability to communicate their opinions and for the media form to inspire conversation. Reality TV enhances this experience through voting and phone-ins, and some media form use hashtags on Twitter or Facebook to link viewers

Escapism - The audience can imagine themselves in the situation created by the media. An example of this is first person perspective role-playing games such as Skyrim. Other examples include media set in fantasy, action based or sci-fi settings, allowing the audience to escape from the real world.

Entertainment - The audience desires to feel emotion from their media such as joy, sadness, anticipation or profound thinking.

Information and Education - The audience desires to learn from the media; they are most often informed through news programs or documentaries, however any media source can provide educational or informative elements.

Personal Identity - The audience are able to recognise a particular situation or person which reflects similar values to themselves. They may be able to identify with role models (eg. celebrities) or identify with certain characters, inspiring them to develop their personal identity. The audience may mimic attitudes or opinions they have seen on the media. This raises several concerns that more impressionable people may learn unsuitable behaviors from media, such as violence or unrealistic expectations/assumptions.

E4 Audience

E4 broadcasts good quality drama, comedy and reality shows, appealing to educated 16-34 year olds. This demographic is mindful, niche, sociable and heavily uses the internet. There is a majority of 59% of females as viewers. Their most popular shows are The Big Bang Theory and New Girl. In order to successfully engage my target audience I will need to apply conventions which typically appeal to a youthful demographic, such a popular/recognisable music. I will also need to incorporate elements of comedy and intertextual references which relate to this demographic.

This advert for '' was featured on E4. It satisfies four of the Audience Gratification theory criteria; escapism, entertainment, personal identity and information. The advert provides escapism through the fast-paced action and music, engaging the audience and allowing them to be immersed in the advert. It provides entertainment through comedy and intense action. It provides personal identity through the intertextual references to the Kingsman film, easily recognised by the younger generation who are the target market of both the film and E4. The audience also recognise the meerkat characters from previous adverts of the company which create a brand identity. Finally, the advert informs the audience by providing information about their services as well as the date of release for the Kingsman film. Due to the action-based nature of the ad, it would generally appeal to more men, which goes against E4's target market. This could be an attempt to try and balance out the viewer statistics.

This advert for 'Catherdral City Mature Cheddar' was featured on E4. It satisfies three of the Audience Gratification criteria; entertainment, escapism and personal identity. The advert provides entertainment through music and the humorous story-line of children running home because they want to eat the product. Comedy is crucial to the demographic E4 are entertaining, and so this advert is very conventional for the channel. Escapism can be felt by the audience due the serene and beautiful country landscape, particularly by those who live in cities. There is personal identity through the recognisable English landscape as well as the tagline 'The Nation's Favourite', which unites England and provides the audience with a sense of belonging. The advert strongly appeals to women due to the themes of family. It also features a mother-figure several times throughout which women can relate to. This caters for the large female-viewer percentage of E4.